Hello everyone, I am Trung Tran.

Some of you may know me for the author of chunml.github.io, aka Chun Machine Learning blog.

Other things about me? Well, I am

  • a Deep Learning engineer working in the car industry. My main daily job is to build deep learning models for autonomous driving projects, which varies from 2D/3D object detection to road scene segmentation
  • a Vietnamese guy living in Yokohama, Japan

I decided to move from GitHub Page to this new site because I feel like writing about a variety of topics, other than just Deep Learning projects.

You can contact me via email: trungtran@machinetalk.org.

New content will start filling in. So, stay tuned or give me some feedback. I always appreciate that.

Trung Tran

Yeah, it’s me struggling with Taiwan stinky tofu

Trung Tran is a software developer + AI engineer. He also works on networking & cybersecurity on the side. He loves blogging about new technologies and all posts are from his own experiences and opinions.