Why I Started DIY Projects

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Hello everyone. Hope that you are all having a wonderful weekend. In Japan these days, everyone can feel the breath of the spring.

Springtime is always great for a fresh start. In my case personally, four years after graduation, I mainly stick to the computer. That is why one of my objectives for this year is to get myself out of the computer a little bit. And in return, I will have more time doing some hardware projects.

I had fun building things…

Okay, that sounds pretty cool. Honestly, I think I am lucky enough to be born in the early 90s. I used to play with stuff, tear things down to figure out how they work. That was when everyone had a great childhood.

A long while after that, as I was studying Electrical & Electronics Engineering at university, I remembered making all the printed circuit boards for all of my projects. Those times of making things on my own were so much fun and the stuff I made is still living in my room, proudly.

So, what now?

After making up my mind about the change, I thought about a couple of things I would like to make. I could start off with some Raspberry Pi’s projects, but it would require me to write some code for sure. Then how about making plastic models like cars or Gundams? Tried that too, it didn’t work out very well for me…

I kept procrastinating until I saw some videos about some DIY projects to improve their own houses. I saw them doing magic with power tools like drills and saws to turn a chunk of wood into something beautiful, useful and unique. And I could tell that I love those. With that kind of projects, I can be completely in hardware mode and I can even use the stuff I made pretty much every day. That is super cool!

The old boy’s thought

There is one thing I realized recently though: your taste changes over time as you’re growing up. When I was younger, I could spend endless time folding Origami or solving Rubik’s cube or playing games. I am twenty-seven now and I am into things completely different (I love cars and the way their engines sound). That also explains why I was totally sold on the idea of doing DIY projects. For short, big boy fell love with big tools!

So yeah, that was it. I just want to tell you guys that I will start DIY projects from now on. Actually, I spent the whole weekend in home centers for the necessary tools and materials (is it considered that I already started?). I will make another post about my journey in a couple of days so stay tuned.

Thank you guys for reading and just don’t forget: there are more to come!

Trung Tran is a software developer + AI engineer. He also works on networking & cybersecurity on the side. He loves blogging about new technologies and all posts are from his own experiences and opinions.

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